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How it Works

Once a nutritionist/caterer is assigned to you, you may choose to hold a one-on-one discussion with them via skype or whatsapp, to give them more details of what you want done, and how you want it done. You will then agree on extent of engagement, i.e whether it is one-off visitation or whether it would be ongoing, how frequent (daily, ever other day, once a week, once a month etc.).


  • It is a Joint Activity

    You will be in constant contact with the nutritionist and caterer and your advise and recommendations will encompass the nutritional and preventive tools that the team develops in conjunction with your loved one in Kenya.

  • Comment on anything you like or don't like

    You will be able to offer public feedback on your experience with Lishe HomeCare. This will encourage transparency and improvement of services.

  • Receive E-mail updates

    You will get updates on your inbox. Start a conversation by sending an e-mail to the team.

More Features

  • 1-On-1 Private Chat

    Have something of delicate nature? Or just don’t want to bother others? We support private chat.

  • Escrow Service

    Your funds are kept until you verify and are satisfied that the job was done as per your specifications. If the services is not provided, the worker is not paid, and you retain your funds.

Specialized Request

Not all situations are the same. If you need additional care, feel free to talk to us.

Benefits of Lishe HomeCare

 Healthy Living, Less Medical Problems for Your Loved One

•Decreased incidence of infections and life-threatening complications.

• Improved physical and cognitive function.

• Decreased use of critical care facilities and medications.


Savings and Peace of Mind

  • Savings in hospitalization and medication costs.
  • Your peace of mind.


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