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How It Works

Lishe HomeCare Kenya offers nutritional and catering solutions for seniors and those with chronic or life threatening medical conditions within the setting of their homes. Caterers visit clients in their homes, and help them make their nutritional plans and prepare meals for them.


  • It is a Joint Activity

    You will be in constant contact with the employer (sponsor of the catering project) and your advise and recommendations will encompass the nutritional and preventive tools that the team develops in conjunction with the client (the person receiving the catering service).

  • Take Orientation Course and Continuously Update your Knowledge on Nutrition

    As a nutritionist caterer, you  will have a chance to take a short course on nutrition and is expected to continuously update your knowledge on nutrition.

  • E-mail and Communicate with the employer and management

    One of the greatest features of Lishe program is that it offers updated information to the employers, most of whom are stationed outside Kenya. You can use various methods of communication including email, Whatsapp, skype, SMS, phone etc.

More Features Here

  • 1-On-1 Private Chat

    Have something of delicate nature? Or just don’t want to bother others? We support private chat.

  • Register as a freelancer

    Every Caterer is expected to register at Holiska Website as a Freelancer. This way, we can be able to match them easily with employers and offer the employers the opportunity to rate their services. This helps the caterers   not only get more assignments but also to build trust and build a reputation of reliability, competency efficiency, honesty, and openness.

  • Nature of Employment

    Nutritionists and Caterers are independent contractors also referred to as freelancers. You are paid for the work you do and you are free to pursue your other interests when not engaged.

Specialized Requests from Employers

Not all situations are the same. The employer may request additional care. If this situation arises, please talk to the area coordinator first before taking any extra tasks on top of the assigned responsibilities. All negotiations for extra tasks must be done openly and jointly with the area coordinator and head office.

To apply as a Nutritionist/Carterer....

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