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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat is Lishe HomeCare?


    Lishe HomeCare Kenya offers nutritional and catering solutions for seniors and those with chronic or life threatening medical conditions within the setting of their homes. Our trained nutritionists would visit clients (your loved ones) in their homes, and help them make their nutritional plans and prepare meals for them. Loved ones who may need homecare nutrition include aging family members like grand parents, parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, and those with chronic health conditions.

  • q-iconHow can I order the Lishe Homecare Service?

    Please use the non-obligatory pre-order link, to initiate the service. You will get an invite to the client section, where you will be matched with the appropriate nutritionist and caterer.

  • q-iconI'have already joined Holiska as an Employer,- Do I still need to fill the Lishe HomeCare pre-order form?

    Yes, Employer application for all projects. The Lishe pre-order form is only for the Lishe Nutrition Services. Once you fill the pre-order form, you will be invited to the client section so that you can move service order forward.

  • q-iconWho are the Employers and Clients?

    The primary employers are Kenyans in the Diaspora who want nutritional therapy for their loved ones (the clients) back home.

  • q-iconWhy Homecare Nutrition and Catering?

    Kenyans in the Diaspora generally find it difficult to deliver the nutritional needs of their loved ones back in Kenya. Even if they send money for food, medication and amenities, it may not reach the intended beneficiary if it is sent through a family member, relative or other caretakers. In many cases, even if the money reaches the intended beneficiary, he or she diverts it to other purposes.

  • q-iconWhen Do Lishe Nutritionists/Caterers provide their service?

    Lishe Nutritionists/Caterers arrive at 8am and leave at 4:30 pm. Work includes menu planning, cleaning/ washing all that appertains to food preparation, fetching the water, groceries, the food preparation itself, serving the client and again cleaning whatever needs to be cleaned.